Nov.-Update: Reserve your Aptera now! Urgent! Why?

  • Dear Aperians,

    for the undecided among you, below another thought on current occasion.

    First, for those of you who have not yet noticed, the online reservation is, as usual with Tesla, non-binding until close to production! Equipment changes up to the battery size swap, can also be adjusted later on in your Aptera reservation page at any time.

    But the most important thing at the moment is, that you can secure your Aptera before the big rush started and on top without any risk.

    You could even accelerate your aptera delivery date within e.g. choosing LE later or stretch (e.g. LR), depending on your preference and your financial possibilities. So no more reasons to postpone your reservation.

    Why I present it so urgently in the title is, in addition to the many good reasons for Aptera itself, and what you can read about here in the forum, in very current events and important times:

    We're getting to the point where the funding will close soon. Aptera Motors is doing its road show with the Gamma demonstrator and will now be massively promoting it. We are close to the point where the start of production will be communicated to the public in a much more binding manner.

    If that happens I think it will at least mean huge demand in the US.

    This announcement of the AOC

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    demonstrate us europeans US perspectives and let us predict US market reaction. This will certainly boost the fleet business of rental car providers in the USA and with the announced production start date, a massive wave of reservations from these companies alone is likely. Just because! Think about which vehicle you would rent in the USA if you had to meet business appointments. It could be tens of thousands from one day to the next, not just 100 as has already happened.

    If you only reserve after such rush, you may have to wait much, much longer for your Aptera.

    Consider the biggest challenge for Aptera motors after the start of production in CA is, to build-up new plants (why all EU citizens should address for) and to ramp up production to cater markets.

    If a very large landlord then strikes beforehand, it is hard to imagine what could mean for the private buyers. But even if these large contingents may not have full priority, consider Aptera will have to do business and therefore also to make concessions.

    I can only remind everyone to keep all this in mind if you have already flirted with the Aptera in any way.

    Or how do you see things? Fast Lane, Autocycle, tax breaks, in the USA all traffic lights are basically green and the triumphal procession can basically no longer be stopped!

    Tell me your concerns about.

    November update:

    I could repeat the same thing above again based on the recent Aptera announcements!

    So if you know anyone who is still undecided and do want to receive vehicle in 2027 until, they should at least think about it this year, as I believe that with the official announcements about the first finished PI vehicles, may predictions will all happen.

    In addition, a second end line, whether at CPS or elsewhere, may be postponed further into the future due to Aptera's decision to "start production now" and the production rate that has always been rumored may not be able to arrive quite as expected.

    46,000 reservations to date, with an initial production rate in Calsbad CA of around 40 vehicles per day = 14,600 in the first year of full production 365 days. So far only the intention to increase 3-5 times in the next three years, although CPS as an EU location was not yet intended and planned.

    You can calculate it, it will take at least 2026 until only the previous orders are actually processed.

    If the demand hypes about at the beginning of 2024, and that will definitely happen, may on top also fleet orders, more plants will have to be built first in order to keep up with orders. Without the major investor in the back! I.e. from own juice and cash flow only, this may mean that anyone who only orders their Aptera in mid-2024 may have to wait until 2028/29 until it can actually be produced.

    This will still cause a lot of dissatisfaction, but at this point it is a secondary problem and the question will be how quickly the new plants (production end lines) can be build and prefinanced. Also does CPC and Elaphe stands-by in this case? Keep in mind and what you think yourself what can happen to you with a too later reservation?

    Greetings Andre

  • speedturtle

    Changed the title of the thread from “Reserve your Aptera now! Urgent! Why?” to “Nov.-Update: Reserve your Aptera now! Urgent! Why?”.
  • Looking at accelerator leader board, there are still over 500 slots left. I also see there are currently 10 investments from DE.

    I'd prefer to wait for 1000mi edition but with the current timelines I'm not sure if my current 18 year old car will survive till then. So I'm also considering throwing $10k into the accelerator pot to get my Aptera early.

    Now ... do we know these 10 guys from DE? Is there a way to get together and share the transportation from California, import and homologation here? If yes, then I'll go for launch edition, otherwise I'll wait.

  • Well, In thought that is the reason why we are members of this site :) to collaborate and tackle homogenisation. Right now Apteras priority is a successful launch in the US. I hope after that things might clear up concerning EU import or CPC production for Europe. Wish I had those answers myself, quite sure even the CEOs do not know how to handle EU import yet. But if you want a list of German accelerators count me in.

    Apart from „Unterfahrschutz” we even do not know how to get legal small numberplates for EU. I image importing Launch Edition and than wont be allowed to drive it.

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